Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiny Models Rapidshare Why Does America Stress So Much For Models To Be TINY? Look At This Article, One Dies From Being Anorexic?

Why does America stress so much for models to be TINY? Look at this article, one dies from being anorexic? - tiny models rapidshare

Well, here is the article I thought you is you should read to ... ...

But my question is why the U.S. (most often as you can see, the model was Brazilians) to ensure that all the models is as thin as you can see the ribs? I know some people are built by nature so, and I do not speak it. I'm talking about people who are role models and eating just 20 calories a day to stay lean "are". not only in good health! What are your views on this ... Mine are the models that I think may be of any shape and size.
Maybe not so obese people, but still. not uncommon waaaay too thin.

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