Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful Agony Pl Where Can I Get Beautiful Agony?

Where can i get beautiful agony? - beautiful agony pl



redsnork... said...

Here are four good places) to start (in no particular order:

1. With the right attitude is a trip to the local DMV a solid bet. Are you looking for a meditative experience. Slowly, you can overcome some human suffering in full for the presentation of the experience. Lose yourself and forget all your wishes, his trial be stopped and celebrated. Watched the scene with the emotional detachment of a war photographer. The miracle of solidarity, care, temporary alliances of tribes otherwise Waring - black and white, rich and poor, low riders and forklifts, including parents and teens - all stood in long lines to form the intricacies of food, moving slowly in many other pages on a shared destiny, grow and get the shot that kept the lines moving day. With certain defeat before our eyes requires no value and does not deserve the honor. Beauty is a thank you, without fear that comes with the obligation. For each person comes at the same time. The flag falls again, and the duty requires the same actionany break in order to progress and take the flag, to renew the call for human dignity, even as he prepares for the effects of cold on the hammer to the heart ... then, without explanation, you are asked to go back to the end of a long, and a final touch of Nice in agony, rapidly reproducing some of the largest pieces of themselves and say and do diligent exactly what they do.

2. Google "Fiona Apple video." You do not need a music video. Could a conversation or a video someone shot in a supermarket shopping in order to produce them. I am sure that something has happened to him beautiful and painful, nagging doubts.

3. In your local public library is likely that at least a small part of French existentialism. Consult a book by Sartre and Camus. If you have read and you begin by reading, as it is nice to feel overwhelmed to stop! Otherwise, you could kill them. Wait a few days before you read it again. If you still kill youWell, then it is for you. (Make sure to avoid books back in time for late payment. Or if you kill yourself, I do not care.)

4. Place a few small stones in the breast pocket and a Catholic church service in the largest cathedral in your area. If possible, try to attend a service held only in Latin. It is easier to ignore. Instead, he wants to do is to concentrate all the images around you. Catholicism is particularly beautiful agony. Hopefully there are at least a giant crucifix in a bloody Jesus nailed suspended. Concentrate on this point, especially the nails and blood. At some point someone Service is a collector plate. Reached into his pocket and put small stones on the plate. Only a natural Who are they real, and it is as if in one if its a few coins (you said you wanted freedom, right?)

Good luck!

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