Sunday, January 3, 2010

Propeller Repair How To Repair A Propeller Shaft Bended ?

How to repair a propeller shaft bended ? - propeller repair

Tree right? Remanufacturing a diameter of less? build a new one? Are there parts?

Image here:


Mick said...

A tree again a good engineer will make a new project in a few hours with the axis of age as a model.

Boiled Egg said...

Could she be turned on a lathe. Once folded, however, will never be as strong, even when it is heated and straightened up. Get a new one. While you're there, you get a new boat. I do not want to go to sea at this point.

cedley19... said...

be shot, try a company that is branching of the bicycle is in motion again.

arlanymo... said...

The axis can be heated and straightened acetelyne Oxy, but the vibration could be a problem if it is true enough, but worth a try

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