Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wedding Dress Slips How To Look Slimmer In Wedding Dress?

How to look slimmer in wedding dress? - wedding dress slips

Is there anyone can give me some advice, as my stomach to look thinner in my wedding dress? my dress is a kind of fine and told me that I can use a sheet, but to be in need of help maintaing, looks like my belly. Need help.


Beth said...

Go to Victoria's Secret and other lingerie store and have a thingie that you can wear around the middle that you are approaching. In addition, feel better, go tanning for a month before her wedding, or a gradual Self Tanner for a few weeks use. The dark skin makes one more healthy and slim, especially if in a white dress

maria c said...

I want a weight loss or underwear and lingerie try Spanx. He often wore a belt to slip this opportunity. Http://!stmen you try Spanx website - ...
They said that when Oprah said it was only Spanx, increased its profit margin has ..
Good luck!

Miss. American Nightmare said...

SvetlanaFunGirl Karma is a real B * tch.

Victoria's Secret has very large leaves to help, leaner look. Congratulations!

anonymis... said...

You can get a corset or bustier choke, but you] pretty and thin! but you should def. try to get used to it for a few days on foot. there are other things like body Tight Fit really well. take it or
I saw one of these places before I can not remember. But good luck!

megskath... said...

I do not think you need to tan, if you have darker skin than your avatar ...

I highly recommend getting a receipt that sucks you in: ...

Avoid salty foods the day of days before the wedding! They make you retain water and feel bloated! only be aware of what you eat.

Stand up straight! shot in the stomach and push your shoulders back. good posture, is the illusion that it is thinner.

Enter to win your hair and makeup in a flattering way, the attention to your beautiful face!

Wear earrings and a necklace to the attention of the agency.

In order to keep her dress from the shoulder or expose too much cleavage, dressed to use double sided tape. This service is in the salons for the bride's disposal and would not harm the fabric of your clothing, or damage to the skin.

Buy a high surrounded by a zipper or elastic waist Self-gripping. This will keep the waist and moved smoothly under clothing.Do not use a series of crinoline. A pearl cluster hoop skirt, and can show if your dress. The elastic top will also be more comfortable. Do not show you wearing a hoop under satin boning tires through.

* Buy the best bra you can afford. A great bra installation of your body is aligned with the line of the dress. He rises and narrows at the same time. A good foundation is your clothes to fit.

Congratulations and good luck! I am sure will be beautiful.

Velvet Hammer said...

Have you tried the Spanx lingerie panty or bra?

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