Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hpv In Pregnant Women Can A Woman Have HPV And Still Get Pregnant?

Can a woman have HPV and still get pregnant? - hpv in pregnant women

Yes, that HPV does not affect fertility when the cervix, cancer of the vagina, anus or uterus should be supported. Or if you have a man who developed cancer of the penis and HPV. Only 2 types of HPV that are directly related to cancer. There are 4 lines indicate that genital warts.

It is very rare (almost unheard transmitted vaginally) for HPV for infants. The removal of genital warts usually exposed to this type prevents the transfer.

20 million people carry HPV in the United States and around 6 million are diagnosed each year.


Amy B said...

Yes, my husband and I took a little girl and her biological mother HPV. Of course, it could still be pregnant.

estephan... said...

HPV and although I am not pregnant, but my doctor told me it has nothing to do with trying to get pg and do not prevent me from having a child. Chances are you also have a caesarean section, because even if you can give your child the HPV.

Ashby said...

Of course! There are hundreds of types of HPV, and can only lead to cervical cancer, in fact some of the uterus or a disease such as genital warts. A large majority of adult women have HPV and not even know many of them.

Due March 9th, 2010 said...

HPV is like a common cold of STDs. My doctor told me that 70-80% of all people end up with a certain time in their lives - the immune system is out of your system before you know.

And yes, I said it was unusual to give up her child from my doctor.

raveonan... said...

I agree with most of the population Ashby introduces some type of HPV, and they can have children!

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