Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bmx Ramps For Sale In Texas [Bmx Ramps Ideas/plans/qiestions] Please Help!!?

[Bmx Ramps ideas/plans/qiestions] Please help!!? - bmx ramps for sale in texas

Hello, I wanted to know whether to build a ramp for me. Even if I'm a Street Racer, I would 1 make a pipe / 4 or box of mine.

First, do not say much space, and I want to do any of them or by telephone. Be used in front of my house or in my driveway. You do not want a ramp or big big big and heavy.

OK, so I decided to make a mini 1 / 4 pipes / bank of 2.5 m from 4 feet to do? Or is it too small for a bike?
Be used only for ETC, and fakie position 180, or is the smallest, could walk, would that be?

When I decided to make a box with a mini would be 1-1.5 m of 5.6 m and 2.5 m wide. It would be used for all the manuals and grinds / boxes, and if not, what would be the smallest?

Note: Both are purchased from outside, stored when not in use.

So which of them it would be better to build in general, not just the price for intelligent conversation, but wearable, and usually the best deal? The safe, mini bar or mini-quarter pipe?


austen h said...

The M8 is a lot of work u shud one room has a hidden room and then build some dirt jumps are much luckier easyer to build

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