Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lift And Carry Find Whats The Best Way To Gain Muscle To Be Able To Lift And Carry 50 Pounds?

Whats the best way to gain muscle to be able to lift and carry 50 pounds? - lift and carry find

Must to wear 50 pounds of my work. I have to address the situation, a long distance. Now I can easily lift and carry around 35 pounds for any distance. What is a safe and effective way to can increase the weight and distance to do something. So, I'm a girl (if not already) an opinion of what I want to make sure that still gives me the strength I is not great big muscles!


B-rit said...

I hate it when girls say that they fear too large muscle gross.

It's much harder for a girl, muscle mass, gaining as much as men. It is less testosterone in our systems to do.

More likely is that to lift and carry 50 pounds, you need not think of anything nearly as big as you. And I should be hell of a lot harder to produce a well ordered A.

Go to the gym and using weights. Instead of using heavy weights and representatives is low, choose a lighter weight, and many, many repetitions of various exercises. Probably there are online resources to show the different exercises for biceps and triceps. Remember, your muscles to work the upper back, too.

It seems contradictory that the limited use of weights, but building muscle is the muscle, and you are lacking in the search for strength and endurance, the chips, not strength.

Jamie J said...

With a lot of weight!

Jamie J said...

With a lot of weight!

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