Thursday, January 21, 2010

Office Answering Machine Is There A Telephone Answering Machine That Can Hold 2 Or More Outgoing Messages And Be Controlled Remotely ?

Is there a telephone answering machine that can hold 2 or more outgoing messages and be controlled remotely ? - office answering machine

This is for my office. When the snow at the weekend, and my office is not open, I would change the office answering machine connected to the output message to the message of normal inclement weather or holiday or a long weekend that message.Is do not answer.


Roger Vadim said...

This is what I have!

Answer Machines ATT ATT 1739

$ 39.99

AT & T 1739
Includes one year warranty from the manufacturer
Replaces 1738

* Digital Answering Machine
* 40 minutes of recording time
* Caller ID Display
* Time / Day Stamp
* Message Guard Memory
* Remote Access with a balance of savings
* Call Filter / Intercept
* 2-Digit LED Message Counter
* Excellent sound quality
* English / Spanish Voice
* The playback speed changes
Memory Monitor
* Memo
* Volume Control
* Message warning


Omer A said...

I think so


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HEV said...

You wouldnt want an answer ... I know that the service is provided heart, but I know that is with Verizon, it is something like a voice message at one point ... many different mailbox ACC yu b able to distance ... Contact your provider and get voice mail (voice mail, but the voice is sure to offfor)

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