Sunday, February 14, 2010

18 Year Old Birthday Poems Need Help Buying Birthday Gift For Girlfriend 18th Birthday?

Need help buying birthday gift for girlfriend 18th birthday? - 18 year old birthday poems

Hey guys, I am with my girlfriend in the past two years. is to reach 18 next week and have a very creative idea for her birthday. I do not want old poem, pink, certain films. I need something new, something fresh, something that is worthwhile. any ideas would be awesome.


Ruth said...

You could put together a gift basket! I have since my BF of 19 years my bday a few weeks, and I loved it! He received a large basket and fill it with random things that I knew that I love him! As my favorite movie, candles, candy, a photo album, a beautiful decorated pillow that he is a teddy bear and a picture of us in a beautiful environment. It was also creams and gels for bath and everything. Find more things for sale if you are a budget. But what you give, you can give something that hand, how much time you show in them! Good luck!

childofG... said...

How much water on the last journey along the road of the action, skydiving or river rafting?

25 or 6 to 4 said...

Nice chain, heart-shaped diamond? Kay has many beautiful necklaces that the prices are reasonable. Good luck!

Sunshine said...

Earrings with her birthstone or a necklace with birthstone, or a special dinner with candles

Courtney [gimpy] said...

They have a promise ring?
I have worked with her birthstone and everywhere. It is a creative Promise Ring! Oh, have you ever been an album? You can do an album with your relationship with him through the 2 ½ years. And make tons of pages mean in the back, it forever! I know these sound like birthday presents ... But girls, as always these things for her birthday. They love to be vigilant! Goooood luck!

jt said...

and when they turn 18 things not yet done so .... do you b4 I do not mean no sex ..... try somthing new that I could do as a "child" if the geek vote if your bold get a tattoo, it shows how they grew up with you and what you hear, I mean, he's received 18 years can a legal contract.

Brittany Danielle said...

I have some ideas that I loved for a birthday present for 18 years ...! Here are a few:

Lottery tickets
TIX concert of their favorite band or a concert in the region
a massage from you or from a professional
a hobby or Pedi (from a professional!)
TIX Baseball (I'm a big baseball though) Fan
Field day with the works .. (.. Chocolate and whole strawberries chessey speal)
For a club of 18
A tattoo
Dance lessons .. Salsa, Cha-Cha!

These are just some .. : D enjoy

Sarah S said...

Depending on the type of girl. If she sports a romantic poem, Florida, etc on a sport that you love. If it out there to be special picnic in the woods or something. The best thing to do is too complex. Puzzles and treasure hunts are great. If you are a scavenger hunt, you can create a set of simple gifts such as jewelry, but much more that special way. I have a surprise as big as a dinner very romantic and creative at the end.

lucky said...

Well, it depends on what we are trying to do:
When you talk about what you can do so as a bday can always recreate the first date or favorites.
when we talk about a gift of a bracelet from James Avery is always good for a few stimuli are buying small things with ya'll. Or make a photo album with pictures of you two in the last two years we were together. Girls generally like the type sentemental gifts.

Life is simply beautiful said...

Take them to a beach. Bring a blanket and picnic basket (sandwiches, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, a drink), two roses (a red BC * U * LOVE her, yellow * bc shes ur best friend *) and portable CD, a CD with songs fav some of yall and a couple of slow ... To delay May the dance.

For the gift::::
A promise ring. (Diamond)

Zales. Freidmens. Kay jewelry. (U can find the rings $ 99 and up)

Type of promise on a piece of paper and put it in the box. (Whatever U decide .. to be always there for her, you love ... is complete)

But they remain hidden, if it believes that it is late ... open when you say that is a promise ring and that his promising .. Writing is only for thave or remember him later about how what you said the day she gave him.

If you do, you'll love Absolutley .... BC in particular have put time and effort .. But the ring is better .... If you are not in the ring ... get a string of heart-shaped diamond (Zales). 140 $..... Let him shares his heart, that she would be able to hold it each time.

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