Friday, February 26, 2010

Msn Bot That Talks Dirty What Are Msn Bots? Like If You Go Somewhere And Keep Your Msn On Is There A Bot That Will Talk?

What are msn bots? Like if you go somewhere and keep your msn on is there a bot that will talk? - msn bot that talks dirty

These robots are programmed to receive information about you. For example, adding or and MSN are the robots. Learn more about the weather, cinema, homework help, advice or anything. They are basically just a free on MSN. Even if sometimes the program does not recognize the simplest things, such as "Happy New Year!" O "Wassup?" Because it is not programmed. Also help to release your anger if you want to scream scream someone because I do not cringe. (Been there, done that), May, or simply talk to someone when you're mad, bored, and theres no better online.


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