Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maybelline Mousse Swatches Blush Covergirl Whipped Foundation Or Maybelline Mousse Foundation?

Covergirl whipped foundation or Maybelline mousse foundation? - maybelline mousse swatches blush

I can not decide what to buy. I want to try a new foundation cuz I'm going shopping tomorrow ... anyway, what is better? Covergirl the whipped cream mousse foundation or foundation spare Maybelline whipping?


myself said...

I have these two foundations! Personally, I like Maybelline better because they only dark spots or stains, used as a proofreader. It is thicker and offers more space, but it's even easier to mix. Covergirl can be used around the face, but does not cover much. It depends on what type of foundation you need.

Beautifully Broken♥ said...

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse definitely

I use it =]

I don't care for you much said...

Neither Revlon is the best

laura said...

Maybelline Mousse is thicker and provides better coverage. take longer

Mac said...

CoverGirl Whipped Foundation.:)

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