Monday, February 22, 2010

Brain Aneurysm French What Is The Recovery Time When You Have A Brain Aneurysm ?

What is the recovery time when you have a brain aneurysm ? - brain aneurysm french

One of my friends, 26 May 2006, learned after a severe headache and visits to the hospital after a collapse, that there are 3 aneurysms and had broken his. He had surgery the next day. Now it is July and still talk. She shakes hands sometimes and sometimes not react at all. She is finally off the respirator and breathing on his own. Does anyone know the recovery time from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm? The doctor said that we must take each day and see.


imissroo said...

My name is Nancy and I am 51 years old. I suffered from severe migraines for nearly 20 years. 17. April, I had a grand mal seizure, and an aneurysm in the brain. the air has reached the best hospitals in the East Coast. I was operated. the path to recovery is long. I lived "an off-day" and believe me, it's frustrating for you and your friend. the brain goes into "holiday" together on the rest and repair itself. 8 weeks ago which spoke a word, and if that happens, begins to fall Inti place relatively quickly. When you visit, you speak of fun times together and say never forget, you can look forward to the side of the conversation. advance. Good luck and God bless. NaNCY

sqishiee... said...

Just type in the search for Yahoo, cerebral aneurysm, and time of healing. This should help you get the answers you seek. My best to you and your friend.

Suzy said...

Hello ... Excuse my English, I'm Portuguese!
No exact time of recovery depends on the efforts of friends and people around ur ur friend. My mother had a brain aneurysm in 5 the 06 January talk and no walk and talk and then he began work in mid-May, but has not fully recovered, and we take every day, no hurry. LEA-friend, play, laugh, play, listen to music, cut ur jokes, making faces to show their pictures so ur friend can show emotions, and above all much love. Do not treat sick person ur friend is not lazy.
Believe me, it helps and very patient with XDR friend.
More importantly, if you say something about a friend of ur actions or by trying to speak, to try to guess to explain the eve Never leave ur friendn, if it takes a long time. I
'am not a doctor, but it has been from my mother!

Best wishes to U and ur friend

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