Monday, February 1, 2010

Rabbit Automatic Watering System Plan Any Help On How To Make Homemade Water Bottles Or A Automatic Watering System For Rabbits?Any Info Appreciated?

Any help on how to make homemade water bottles or a automatic watering system for rabbits?Any info appreciated? - rabbit automatic watering system plan

Ok, so I have 20 rabbits. They will be kept in cages in the open. It takes approximately 30 minutes. Food and water every day. I was curious whether I could make water bottles at home or even an irrigation system (if automatic). And I would stay in the cheaper (under $ 100).

Any help? And if you tell me where I could get the supplies also be very useful.

And if you knew whether it would make a way, an automatic document feeder, or a large plate of something / power, it might also be useful. I invested in plastic bowls to Petco for $ 15.99 per spent about $ 200 and things were very cheap. I am looking for something a little heavier.

Thank you!


baby_gra... said...

Firstly, water bottles ...
I have not tried one of these options, only bottled water bottled Walmart. I spoke with several other breeders, but their irrigation systems. A farmer used soda bottles, and everything you need to do is screw cap for bottles of water to make regular purchases. They said it is a good way to get your pop bottles and age are easily replaced if the breaks! Screw on this website lists for $ 90 per ...
- Do you feed and water them "
- Go to "water bottles"
- The salaries are lower right corner on the last page.
There is also a huge list of garbage for a sprinkler system.

Secondly, the containers of food ...
We use canned tuna in a simple wooden block (not nailed to Sit on them), and the excellent work! We have a few races, but. For our biggest race, we are trying, ATM-chat. We were each at Walmart for $ 4.50. I've also seen really big box (I do not know what they arE, but as large doses) tuna nailed to a wooden block. Try it really fun for rabbits anymore. I have not really bought much in the stream on the site, but I saw that there is a section for the. Has not even gone!

We expect the support site and find what you need! Remember, there are many places and sites that sell such things, the site I told you just to give you ideas!

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