Sunday, February 7, 2010

2nd Birthday Rhyme Birthday Invitation Rhyme?

Birthday invitation rhyme? - 2nd birthday rhyme

I run a Horton Hears a birthday party with a theme, and I would Invitation rhyme (as Dr. Seuss) The ideas ???.... the name of my son Caleb and her birthday 2


Kitty §ays (mew) said...

We will have a party, so please do not be late!
Caleb is two and want to see you!
Please tell me you are, it will be fun!
It's my birthday! Hooray!
(I wooed the last line, sorry)

Garfield Rules! said...

You are invited to the party for Caleb
where they laugh, play and play
Enjoy food, drinks, cake and games
because there is a lot to do today!

I know he is so good, but I could not believe it. sorry if not helpful.

Kelly said...

Can you guess who is now two?
Is Caleb, that's who!

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