Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glo-lite Neon Glo-lite Tetra With Color Loss?

Glo-lite Tetra with color loss? - glo-lite neon

I have a Tetra Glo-Lite, which has lost its color is white, is in the middle. He is eating and swimming well, and no other tetras in the tank seem to be affected. Some other information: (A week ago, all tetra 10) of them have been transferred to the tank after a week will be treated for HIC (assuming that a new TETRA) into a reservoir at the hospital. The ICH has disappeared after two days, but I kept to make sure they were deleting all of them. The dam is in a gallon Tetra-30 with 12 Pygmies and 9 others (corie 5 neons and 4 other satellites Glo), ammonia is 0 and the pH is situated between that which is perfect for TETRA and Cori. Every idea that the loss of color?


tikitiki said...

I recommend quarantine fish in a separate tank. This could be a way to columnaris, I am having with this version was and is a malignant evil that he destroyed half of my tank in a short time. This was one of the characters, the first show, it was a loss of color in a ring around the waist. It could also be a sign for the neon disease. By adding new fish friend recently, I am doing some of the QT interval and control of fisheries. And QT'ing opening of a new fish in the future, I have learned that one the hard way lol.

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