Monday, February 8, 2010

First Aid Handbook How Should I Organize These. . . ?

How should I organize these. . . ? - first aid handbook

Remove all parts urgently Parents Magazine and lead them on a clipboard with my first aid kit. I began to collect a large number of guides, and I want to be able to execute it and know where to find when I need information. Here are the titles of each page. Can you help me in the categories set easier to find, if necessary.

Sports Safety

Head injuries

ER preparations

CPR for children

Electric Shock

The Great Outdoors

Disaster Preparedness

Strangulation and suffocation

Eye Emergencies

Manual medicine for the mothers

First aid for burns

Cold Weather Safety

Holiday Safety

Perhaps to show 2 or 3 different sections, low.
Thank you for your help!


J M said...

I wish:

3-color label class

GREEN bites and issues of common elements: insects, burns and small wounds

YELLOW, can cause serious but not life-threatening injuries threatenning - things that you can call for support OE also wait until I send an emergency starting center for youth, and let the professionals handle

RED - life-threatening or a condition that requires immediate attention, so you will not become worse, or who require a sustained effect.

For a red, take the objects and simple instructions (action), short sentences that a member of the family to understand, so they react to them, if necessary, can be reduced.

Last relax -.

Madkins0... said...

To think logically.

You do not have time to read a guide on the CPR, choking, poisoning, etc. should only memories, update ideally pictograms, to your memory.

Others are completely useless, safely deposited in the prevention of first aid clipboard, security, and objects, the problems that are not found in an average house can be anywhere else.

Let's face it, the rest is common sense! A first aid manual or brochure for decent work for you too.

Take a good class, read the article, be prepared ... But relax! Worrying too much will not help anyone.

Jaime P said...

How about this:
Medical Assistance

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