Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Bikini Hair Pictures Am I Wrong ? Am I Old Fashioned ?

Am I Wrong ? Am I Old Fashioned ? - bad bikini hair pictures

I work in a "middle class" day spa, which is not cheap, is not only an upscale spa in a tourist area. Today, one has entered the niece of the hairdresser, wearing only a bikini thong and shorts. I must add that has developed after 15 years, and breasts, (you get the picture). The owner / manager was gone, but now I have given the stylist and asked him to tell his niece a shirt. We welcome the people of their age is not approved. The designer says, and she answered with a resounding "and whyyyyy? I was a little peaved honest, I turned around and said," is honey, because public netiquette, if you're in a beauty salon, you need a shirt and shoes. "He gave way to his aunt sweThe water of the bay. I received many dirty looks as if it was divine. Now, to make worse, the designer, who had 1 customer in the chair, and 1 to client left asking after a man with a desire to questions about a property, they went together to seek and shown to have the Customers on ice for 20 minutes. The niece of the left, and when the boss came back, I was against what happened directly to them and expressed my concern angry. I realized that I was bad for the accuracy of the niece. Was it wrong? Am I old fashioned?


John said...

If you really want to show a product, a room full of old bitty step. It should go wait outside a store for adults. Having run from old ones, which will likely see no longer dress like a bum.

Anonymous said...

You do not have overtaken was inappropriately dressed.

coffeedr... said...

The little girl was dressed inappropraite.

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