Saturday, February 20, 2010

Male Brazilian Wax Boulder When Getting A Male Brazilian Wax,what Exactly Is Waxed?

When getting a male brazilian wax,what exactly is waxed? - male brazilian wax boulder

What exactly wax? What do you call when you waxed your ass then? lol


leashed boy said...

to crack the pubic area, scrotum, penis, the eternal field (behind the scrotum and the anus of the FRT.) is also the butt. It is a butt waxing. theres a little pain involved, but not enough people commit themselves on the painful areas are the central and perennial. It is to be a small price to pay incredibly smooth and hairless. Bald is beautiful there. By the way, I'm a boy and I'm all out of wax from the neck down, every 6-8 weeks.

kwl v said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that everyone ... Im not very, very safe, but I think .. But I can not get my eyebrows wax, so they know what wouldnt for a wax Butt: P

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